Catering Menu

(Minimum 10 ppl + $ 5 delivery charge within 2 km or $10.00 )

Wraps @ Courthouse Cafe

  • Chicken Caesar HALF $6.50    FULL $ 11.90
    cos lettuce, bacon, chicken, egg, spring onion, parmesan, caesar dressing
    thai chicken strips, rocket, carrot, bean sprouts, snow peas, capsicum, sweet chilli sauce
  • Chicken Schnitzel (NOT AVAILABLE)
    swiss cheese, avocado, mixed lettuce and herby mayo
  • Vegan Lentil Pattie HALF $6.50    FULL $ 11.90
    satay sauce, carrot, tabouli, mixed lettuce, tomato and sweet chilli
  • Medi Veggie Hummus (NOT AVAILABLE)
    hummus, tasty cheese, tabouli, spinach, tomato, roasted eggplant, roasted, capsicum,’ roasted pumpkin, and sweet chilli
  • Falafel  HALF $6.50    FULL $ 11.90
    hummus, tzatziki, tabouli, tomato, lettuce, carrot, beetroot, alfalfa, cucumber
  • PEANUT BUTTER / HAM HALF $6.50    FULL $ 11.90
    peanut butter , egg, salad, mayo, & lettude

Sandwiches @ The Courthouse for Catering $7.90 per round

  • Egg And Lettuce
  • Roast Beef
    mustard vinaigrette, tomato, red onion, swiss cheese and lettuce
  • Chicken Pesto
    semi dried tomatoes and lettuce
  • Chicken
    avocado, semi dried tomatoes and lettuce
  • Cajun Chicken
    mango mayo and lettuce
  • Tandoori Chicken
    tzatziki and lettuce
  • Roasted Vegetables
    pesto, sundried tomato paste and lettuce
  • Bacon
    avocado, tomato, seeded mustard mayo, alfalfa and lettuce
  • Toasted Sandwiches On Light Rye Or Multigrain
    avocado, tomato, seeded mustard mayo, alfalfa and lettuce
    Ham, cheese & tomato
    Cheese and tomato
    Ham and cheese
    Chicken cheese and avocado
    Chicken and cheese

Foccacias @ The Courthouse $11.50 per round

  • Grecian (FOR CATERING)
    spinach, feta, olives, tasty cheese, pesto and babaganoush
  • Calabrese (FOR CATERING)
    spinach, tasty cheese, mushrooms, roasted capsicum and sun dried tomato paste
  • Roasted Pumpkin (FOR CATERING)
    pumpkin and pesto, beetroot tapenade fetta cheese, caramelized onion and sun dried tomatoes
  • Swiss Chicken (DAILY)
    chicken, avocado, swiss cheese and herby mayo
  • Bacon And Chicken(DAILY)
    chicken, avocado, semidried tomatoes, bacon and spinach
  • Mediterranean(DAILY)
    Roasted pumpkin, zucchini, eggplants, roasted capsicums, fetta, spinach, basil pesto
Platters for catering 


“Veg bonanza” $11.00 per person

“Vegetarian Cocktail Spring Rolls(3 each),Vegetarian Samosas(2 each),vegetarian quiche,bite size frittata(1 each), spinach & riccota in pastry(2 each) w tomato and sweet chilli sauce”

“Let`s party” $11.00 per person

“Mini party pies(1 each), sausage rolls(2 each), quich(2 each), spring rolls(3 each), Tomato & Bbq sauce

“Asia pacific” per person $11.00

“Deep fried dimsims(2 each, crumbed calamari rings(2 each), spring rolls(3 each), mini satay chicken skewers (1 each) sweet chilli & soy sauce.

“Let`s have a Tea” 10.00 per person

“Muffins(1/4), Sweet pastry1/2), Juice, sweet slice assorted(1/2) house baked scon(1 each)  w jam & creame”

“Lets wrap” per person $11.00

“Assorted gourmet sushi including veg w soy sauce, assorted mini wraps ”

“Seasonal fruit platter” Small or Large

Seasonal fruit served on platter  Small $25.00 & Large $55.00

“Assorted wraps platter”  per person $12.00

“Assroted wrpas cut in to fours including vego” ( minimum four flavorus)


Download Catering ‘Breakfast Bites’ Menu

Download Catering ‘Healthy Business Bites’ Menu